Wood carver Erikas Čypas
Wood carver Erikas Čypas - certified folk artist, who founded Craft Centre, in which he creates unique wood carvings and organizes educational programs for those, who wants to learn to carve. Erikas Čypas is known as a lover of folk art, as well as widely known in his carvings, especially popular distaff. The personal exhibition of Erikas Čypas was held in Zarasai, Salakas, Kriaunos, Anykščia
Wood carver Gediminas Kairys
G. Kairys is engaged in wood carving for a long time. His articles includes: spoons of different sizes to mix cooked jam, to crumple the butter, chopping boards for vegetables, bread, meat and other products, rolling pins, a variety of patterned spindles and sticks, interesting folk masks, all of which the author sells at fairs, markets, many of his works went abroad. 
Weaver Birutė Andrijauskienė
   Weaver Birute Andrijauskienė got admiration in folk arts back in teenage days. Back then she admired colorful fabric pattern dreamed learn to weave .In 2003 after graduating "Traditional crafts cooperatives“ weaving training, wove her first tissue. Currently she weaves and sews clothes for ethnographic folk ensembles and since 2005 participates in folk art exhibitions. In 2
Weaver and toys maker Rimutė Vitaitė
   Weaver and toys maker Rimutė Vitaitė produces certified products of national heritage of traditional craftsmen, the old weaving homemaker. She learned of weaving in 2002-2003, when Zarasai district Cultural Society "Sela" fulfilled PHARE Human Resources project and started artfact of  traditional crafts. Since then she weaves exclusively ethnic clothing. According to th
Organic beekeeping farm of Janina Milašienė
 A visitor of Janina‘s Milašienė‘s organic beekeeping farm can not only buy delicious honey, but taste it as well. Housewife is raising bees for four decades. Surroundings of agricultural fields provide honey of finest quality. As farm is in bike bath of Gražutės regional park, it is easily reachable by bycicle. 
Address: Savanorių st. 1, Zarasai. GPS: 55.73351, 26.248019 Phone No. +370 612 42581 E-mail: pupeikis@mail.com  
Folk art educations in Antalieptė parish
In less than 8 kilometers around Antalieptė there are at least three workshops of folk artists, who allows to come groups and helps helps to carve an item they want to.
Center of traditional crafts in Antazavė manor
Traditional Zarasai region craft center is located in Antazavė manor, in late 17th century built by counts Pliateriai. In palace‘s ground floor there are woodcarving, weaving and pottery workshops – all what might needed for technical basics to produce craftworks. Fashion demonstrations are organised as well. Craftsmen are willingly sharing their experience with every visitor. In craft
Aušra‘s oasis of gifts and wool
   Aušra Talačkienė produces handicrafts: knits, dive, worth jewelery, later wool. Felting organizes courses for beginners and advanced crafstmen.
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