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With bike Gražutės Regional Park

The Gražutė Regional Park has two cycling trails, or ‘rings’: the ‘Lesser Ring’ and the ‘Great Ring’. The ‘Great Ring’ is an exclusive 45km route for cyclists. This cycle trail route connects together the most interesting cultural and natural structures within the park. The trail also allows visitors to acquaint themselves with the park’s unique nature: it features Lake Šventas, which does not have a basin, Lake Luodis, which is also the sixth-largest lake in the country, and the Antalieptė Lagoon, an impressive artificial body of water which contains no less than fifty islands. The trial will take you to the highest stone church in the country, in Salakas, along with Kiemioniai Hillfort, plus the sacred hill, also known as Kunigokalnis, three burial mounds, Tiltiškių water mill, the old Jewish and Tatar cemeteries, and natural monuments, the Salakas Pine and Spruce Sisters. The ‘Lesser Ring’ on the Gražutė cycle trail (which is 37kms in length) passes around various lakes: Apiricis, Ilžikis, Asavelis, Asavas, Tūmiškis, and Samavas. The trail starts at the Zarasai campsite and part of it connects with the ‘Great Ring’ on the Gražutė cycle trail. The route offers an opportunity to get to know Gražutė Forest, to admire the lakes as well as the wooded landscape in the Gražutė Regional Park, and to see natural and cultural heritage sites such as the Apkartai and Samauka burial mounds, the Bielkaučizna Hillfort, and the Gulbinė linden trees.

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