„WAKE-IN“ cable park
WAKE INN ZARASAI - is a waterboard park in a circle located in a beautiful place in Lithuania, on the Big Island of Zarasas Lake. Enthusiasts of this sport will be delighted by the ultra-modern water track with 6 towers, 8 carts and even 9 Wake Station figures - Kicker 130 (2 pcs), Roof Top 21m, Fun Box I 20m, Ride on Handrail 15m, 3D Incline 10m, Stacked Box 12m, Fat Pipe I 20m, Bowl 2 Banana Tra
Zarasai auto racing club „Akseleratorius“
•    Vehicle speed sports entertainment on the special sections; •    Sports car rental; •    Extreme driving; •    Ride with sports instructors; •    Car driving skills improvement on the track.
Zarasai youth  watersport club
•    Diving;  •    Water skiing;  •    Catamaran pulled parachute;  •    Catamaran snorkel trips;  •    Water hike in the Antalieptės lagoon.
Zarasai agriculture school practical education centre
Entertainments: tennis court, table tennis, bathhouse, water activities; Opportunity to make food for yourselves.  
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