There are plenty of activities in Zarasai region where everyone could find something fascinating for themselves: from peaceful activities to gambling. You can try out yourself by participating in educational programs or try different experience in one of Zarasai region theme villages.
Antazavė Manor Park
  Antazavė Manor Park was established at the end of eighteenth century. It is located between the manor and the lake in descending terraces, occupies an area of 5.5 ha. In front of the palace there is a parterre preserved to this day with paths and green spaces with a specific geometric plan. Four ponds and the Žalvės lake in the lower terrace decorate the park. Antazavė orphanage and seco
Centre of visitors of Gražutė regional park
Visitor Centre is equipped with an educational exhibition about the Nature. Here scientists and specialists provide information about nature and cultural heritage objects, park landscape and biological diversity, which will really surprise even a very experienced traveller. The exhibition presents the terrain formed by glaciers and protected by Lithuanian laws, complex riverhead of the Šventoji (H
Wood carver Erikas Čypas
Wood carver Erikas Čypas - certified folk artist, who founded Craft Centre, in which he creates unique wood carvings and organizes educational programs for those, who wants to learn to carve. Erikas Čypas is known as a lover of folk art, as well as widely known in his carvings, especially popular distaff. The personal exhibition of Erikas Čypas was held in Zarasai, Salakas, Kriaunos, Anykščia
Degučiai cognitive path
Degučiai cognitive path is a great place to get acquainted with valuable nature and cultural heritage of Gražutė regional park. Path length - 3 kilometres, it has 13 stops. It is adapted for pedestrians, but visitors can also ride bikes, or take skis in the winter. Travellers may see Boreal owl or her hollow in Gražutė pine forest, learn about ground pines, lichens, spruces, find elk mane, climb D
Wood carver Gediminas Kairys
G. Kairys is engaged in wood carving for a long time. His articles includes: spoons of different sizes to mix cooked jam, to crumple the butter, chopping boards for vegetables, bread, meat and other products, rolling pins, a variety of patterned spindles and sticks, interesting folk masks, all of which the author sells at fairs, markets, many of his works went abroad. 
The exposition of old equipment for beer making of Ramūnas Čižas
Ramūnas Čižas - is a fourth generation brewer, who produces beer according to the family recipe dated 1863. R. Čižas - culinary heritage pioneer in Zarasai region. In the summer it is be possible to taste the dishes made of venison, wild boar, beaver, or wild birds. Only products made in Lithuania are used to prepare these dishes, they are prepared according to authentic ancient Lithuanian recipes
Ilgašilis cognitive path
This path is one of the NATURA 2000 sites, which established for conservation of biological diversity and values created by the nature. The path is short - only 240 meters in length. Visitors taking a wooden path through the swamp can learn about protected swamp habitats, rare species of plants growing here, nature management works, which are carried out. Those interested in the natural heritage o
Jaskoniškių cognitive path
The path meanders through a sandy pine forest, which for a long time has been known as Smalinyčia. Here you can see a hollow made by the black woodpecker, see the work done by forest "stewards" woodpeckers, and if you listen carefully for the voices of the birds accompanying you - you might hear the unheard songs. Cognitive path stands will help you to pay attention to some of the natura
Šlyninkos Water Mill
Šlyninkos Water Mill is a three centuries old unique technical heritage building with preserved authentic equipment. A lot can be done in the mill: it is possible to see the grain milling process, to buy grain, flour and locally baked bread. It is worth mentioning that the grain is shipped to the mill only from organic farms. A variety of necessary equipment is available in the mill: roller machin
Cognitive path "Oak"
This is the first cognitive path in Lithuania created on a private property in the Veprio landscape reserve. The goal of the cognitive path "Oak" is to acquaint visitors with the model forest management in a protected area, with forest and natural values and continuous processes that takes place in them. You will learn how to use the wood with minimal impact on different kinds of organis
Šavaša cognitive path
The first and only geological path in Lithuania, the length - 1.5 km. The path is situated in Gražutė Regional Park, Šavaša Landscape Reserve, along the Šavaša river, which flows into the old riverbed of the Šventoji river. In order to visit the path, on arrival from Daugailiai (Utena district) to Antalieptė, just before the bridge across the river, turn right. Rising in to the hill along the Šven
„WAKE-IN“ cable park
WAKE INN ZARASAI - is a waterboard park in a circle located in a beautiful place in Lithuania, on the Big Island of Zarasas Lake. Enthusiasts of this sport will be delighted by the ultra-modern water track with 6 towers, 8 carts and even 9 Wake Station figures - Kicker 130 (2 pcs), Roof Top 21m, Fun Box I 20m, Ride on Handrail 15m, 3D Incline 10m, Stacked Box 12m, Fat Pipe I 20m, Bowl 2 Banana Tra
Airclub ,,Orlėkis“
•    Paraglider flights; •    Tandem flightst; •    Lessons for beginners; •    Demonstration program.  
Antaliepte horses
Horses Riding  Rent on holidays
   The lake is located 6 km northeast of Salakas in Gražutės Regional Park. The lake banks are steep, reaching 10 m in height, the southwest is swampy. Asavas area - 198.7 ha, the deepest place - 6.9 m, the average depth - 4.22 m, the shoreline length - 8.8 km. Lake bowl - a former ice. The vast body of relatively flat muddy bottom part, in the east and north are sandy and rocky shallows
Association „Baltas mustangas“
•    Horse riding;  •    Sleigh rides.   
Weaver Birutė Andrijauskienė
   Weaver Birute Andrijauskienė got admiration in folk arts back in teenage days. Back then she admired colorful fabric pattern dreamed learn to weave .In 2003 after graduating "Traditional crafts cooperatives“ weaving training, wove her first tissue. Currently she weaves and sews clothes for ethnographic folk ensembles and since 2005 participates in folk art exhibitions. In 2
Weaver and toys maker Rimutė Vitaitė
   Weaver and toys maker Rimutė Vitaitė produces certified products of national heritage of traditional craftsmen, the old weaving homemaker. She learned of weaving in 2002-2003, when Zarasai district Cultural Society "Sela" fulfilled PHARE Human Resources project and started artfact of  traditional crafts. Since then she weaves exclusively ethnic clothing. According to th
Apiary "Medaus namai"
Apiary of Laimonas and Jūratė Galvonai is located in Antazavė and its surroundings (in Sartai regional park, distant homestead in Derviniai village and elsewhere). Products of apiary are certified products of National quality. There is harvested not only honey (dandelion honey, raspberry honey, linden honey, meadow plant honey, buckwheat honey and etc.), but other bee products as well: bee pollen,
Organic beekeeping farm of Janina Milašienė
 A visitor of Janina‘s Milašienė‘s organic beekeeping farm can not only buy delicious honey, but taste it as well. Housewife is raising bees for four decades. Surroundings of agricultural fields provide honey of finest quality. As farm is in bike bath of Gražutės regional park, it is easily reachable by bycicle. 
Pedestrian path along the shores of Zarasas, Zarasaitis, Griežtas lakes and Nikajaus river.
This pedestrian path in the city of Zarasai is one of the newest. The footpath begins on Vytautas Street, at the house numbered 51. Going down the mountain, the panorama of Griežtas lake opens. As you travel along the path, you can see one of the many renovated beaches for the residents and tourists of the city of Zarasai. Continuing the journey along the banks of the Nikajaus river, you can see h
Lake Lihajai
   This lake is located 6 km west of Salakas in Gražutės Regional Park. The shores are high, steep, overgrown with trees and bushes. Ligajai area is 136 ha, the deepest place - 25.6 m, the average depth - 7 m, the coastline is very windy and is within 13 km. The lake is long and narrow, extending from southwest to northeast almost 5 km. The bottom consists of carved pits and narrow shall
Woodcarvers Rita ir Gediminas Kairiai
   Rita and Gediminas Kairiai more than 30 years are living among the numerous wooden carvings, participate in various events, continues the ancient tradition of carving .
Address: Savanorių st. 1, Zarasai. GPS: 55.73351, 26.248019 Phone No. +370 612 42581 E-mail: pupeikis@mail.com  
Woodcarver  Zenonas Striška
Address:. Lūžų st. 41, Antalieptė. GPS: 55.654555, 25.863717 Phone No. +370 614 48755 E-mail: mediniai@hotmail.com
Rental of mobile tubs on wheels
Tired of endless work? Or maybe you want to relax and have fun with your loved ones? Our mobile hot tub will definitely help you escape from routine and everyday worries!   MB Buičia, located in Samaniai village, Zarasai district, offers you an unforgettable experience in hot tubs with a hydro massage system. We guarantee that you will feel like in a spa in your backyard! Not to mention
"Meškerinė" store
Address: Sėlių sq. 18, Zarasai.  GPS: 55.732791, 26.244937 Phone No. +370 610 27797  
PO Zarasų žiedas
•    Triple powerful watercraft;  •    Eight-seated powerful boat;  •    Six-seated yacht;  •    Professional water skiing;  •    Inflatable tension wheel;  •    Water bike;  •    Rowing boatsi, kayaking.   
Salakas cognitive trail
Salakas cognitive trail is 5 kilometers length circle route, which represents historical Salakas town and its surrounding areas. Trail‘s main arrows will lead via wooden path by Luodis shore, all the way to the watchtower. From the watchtower You will be able to observe panoramic view of lake Luodis, comfortably watch water and forest birds. On the halfway of cognitive trail – belove
The lake is 12 km to the south from the city of Zarasai in Gražutės Regional Park. The shores are high, steep and carve the east and the west are low, sometimes swampy shores of the numerous bays, capes and 6 islands. Samavas area - 545.3 ha, the deepest place - 12.7 m, the average depth - 5.9 m, the winding coastline - 19.8 km. The sandbar is wide and sandy. Great part of the muddy bottom is carv
   The lake is in Zarasai and Rokiskis districts in Sartai Regional Park. It is the fifth largest lake in Lithuania, which is highly branched, narrow, valley origin (6 intersect rinos) complex configuration. The banks are up to 30 m. Sartai area - 1,350 ha, the deepest place - 22 m, the average depth - 5,72 m, the winding coastline - 80 km. Dominated by the bottom of the sludge, only on
   The lake is situated in the southeastern part of the district, 2 km to the southeast of the country Smalvos. The banks of the North are high, steep, South side - usually low and swampy . Smalvas area of ​​336.0 ha , the deepest place in the very middle of the body - 26.9 m, the average depth - 8.2 m, winding, many bays, peninsulas and with cape coastline - 15.5 km. Bowl quite complex,
   The lake is located near the Smalvos village Smalvas lake, with which it connects a small river. The banks are low and swampy. Are of Smalvykštis lake is 94.5 ha, the deepest place - 4.8 m, the average depth - 2.87 m, the shoreline length is 5 km. Lake ice bowl was lodget ingot, bottom it shallow and muddy shallows sand prevails, the southern part is sludgget. Smalvykštis bottom flat
Homstead „Vencavas“
This newly located homestead on the picturesque shore of Lake Vencavas, one of the clearest and cleanest in Eastern Aukštaitija, will not let vacationers get bored. This is fishing, crabbing, underwater diving, swimming. There are also beautiful forests around the homestead where you can pick mushrooms and berries. These entertainments will bring joy, pleasure and wonderful moments that will make
With bike Gražutės Regional Park
The Gražutė Regional Park has two cycling trails, or ‘rings’: the ‘Lesser Ring’ and the ‘Great Ring’. The ‘Great Ring’ is an exclusive 45km route for cyclists. This cycle trail route connects together the most interesting cultural and natural structures within the park. The trail also allows visitors to acquaint themselves with the park’s uniqu
     This river - a tributary of the right bank of the Neris. Another lake, Samanis is flowing out of the lake is in Ignalina district. Length of river - 250 km, the average annual runoff at the mouth - 55.1 m3/s, the average slope of - 0.51 m/km. Deepest river location - 1-2 m, in different sections is even deeper - up to 2.5-3 m, and shallow - 0.5-0.7 m with rifts rapids. In su
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