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One day route in Zarasai district
A. Navickas



1. Zarasai


Zarasai regional museum

In Zarasai regional museum You will see the old exhibits, witnesses of region‘s history. You will have a chance to take a look at works of emigrant painter Mikas Šileikis who presented collection of his paintings to museum. Besides permanent exhibits, museum always host attractive temporary exhibits.
By clicking link You can see list of prices of museum’s paid services.

Zarasai regional museum

Address: D. Bukonto st. 20, Zarasai
GPS: 55.728313, 26.245077
Phone No. +370 385 52456


Gintautas Antanavičius photo.


Observational wheel and lake Zarasas watershore
Zarasai town’s flourish – seventeen meters above lake raised unique structure, with diameter of 34 meters, opens vivid panorama of “town’s blue eye” with all its islands. With the most visited one – 44 hectares square – Didžioji island wheel is connected via sightseeing path. One and half kilometers length, during warm season path becomes center of attraction for residents and town’s guests and here town’s life is pulsing. On Your way to the island You can be carried away by sculpture park, fountain.

Evaldas Dumbravas photo.


Sėliai square and Church of The Assumption of the St. Virgin Mary
Sėliai square projected in XIXth, according to the planning by so called example of Russian towns. It is unique and the only square of that, radial, type in Lithuania. Planned in form of sun, square is object of urbanistic heritage. Nearby square visitors will see another beauty – gracious church of The Assumption of the St. Virgin Mary built in early XXth century altar of which is decorated by icon of St. Virgin Mary miraculously saved during fire.


Gintautas Antanavičius photo.

Gintauto Antanavičius photo.


2. Šlyninka watermill


Five kilometers away from town there is 300 years old watermill where visitors have ability not only to taste here baked pancakes or bread of national heritage, but to purchase mill’s flour or other production. Here visitors can take a participation in excursion at mill, listen miller’s stories about this craft, order educational program.

There is an option to order excursion at mill with degustation on national heritage products. Price for one person – 6 EUR.


Šlyninka watermill

Address: Šlyninka village, Zarasai parish
GPS: 55.733926, 26.198022
Phone No. +370 686 23348, +370 687 59106

Duration - approximately 1 hour.



3. Stelmužė manor


Stelmužė oak
Stelmužė oak – Lithuanian natural monument, one of oldest oaks in Europe, oldest and thickest tree in Lithuania. Supposedly, it is two thousand years old. Height of oak is 23 meters, thickness reaches 3,5 meters and scope close to the ground is 13 meters (to embrace trunk requires 13 grown men).
Stelmužė oak – tree with history. Settlement used to be visited by Lithuanian dukes, Teutonic and  Crusade knights, Swedish armies. Boots of soldiers of Kaiser’s and Hitler’s armies stepped through here. Once upon a time inside hollow were found human remains and French rifle, this is prime evidence that Napoleon army soldier could hide in hollow when fleeing from Russia.

There are plenty of legends and stories about stories. It was imagined that via hollow one can reach underworld or there is treasure buried under roots. Story has it that under limb pagan fire used to be burned. Nearby three were credences and offerings to the gods were sacrified. It is not certainly known, what happened with tree top. According to legends that serfs with tree top blocked the road so villain tsar could not keep travel.


Address: Ažuolo st. 14, Stelmužė, Imbradas parish
GPS: 55.829851, 26.217437

Jurgita Mikutavičienė photo.


Museum of eclessial art in Stelmužė church of Lord Jesus Cross

Church was built in 1650 by using axe only and wrought nails to reinforce door. Interior of church was created in 1713 and has a lot of valuable decoration elements from baroque era: bas-reliefs, reliefs, spiral columns, original wooden ornamentations. Since 1808 church belongs to catholic community. Museum in church opened in 1997. Part of exposition located in near standing bell tower, where visitors can get to know about history of Stelmužė. Visiting of museum of ecclesial art especially will be interesting and valuable for young visitors: by using interactive gadgets young ones can get to know about All Saints and listen one of twelve compositions for organ that were popular century or two ago.
Museum is opened for visitors from May 1st to October 1st. From October 1st to April 30th visitors are accepted by arrangement in advance.

Entrance fees:
Tikcket for adult (1 person) – 1,50 Eur.
Tikcket for student and senior (1 person) – 0,50 Eur.

Algimantas Navickas photo.

Algimantas Navickas photo.


Tower of Slaves


Tower of Slaves – quite small and high building with thick walls and outlet in the upper part. Located on Padvarinės (Stelmužė) lakeshore, tower was built of uncouth field stones, bricks, lime and clay mortar.

In XVIIth-XIXth centuries in teritory of Stelmužės manor was palace, at the beginning ruled by German family Folkershams and, later, by Valuevs from Russia, notoriously cruel family. Tower was used for incarceration of misbehaving serfs. They used to be locked for all night long and in the morning had to get back to works. In historical sources are documented some facts when slaves could not stay tsar hosts cruelty anymore and used to commit escapes or even suicides. Other sources say that tower was built to serve as fridge, because thick walls isolate frost very well. Thickness of walls – 75 centimeters. Building is renovated and enlisted among architectural heritage of 18th  Century.


Address: Dvaro st. 8, Stelmužė, Imbradas parish
GPS: 55.828013, 26.21669


Gintautas Antanavičius photo.


Lygumų stone
Nearby by former Stelmužė manor, in Lygumų forest hides Lygumų stone, length of which is 18 meters. Supposedly, it can even be larger than Puntukas stones as bigger part of its is underground and archaeologists never explored it. Surface on stone is very wide and story has it that hunters used to gather here to discuss their business. Stone also has its own legend. It says that Devil Giant (that’s why stone is also known as Devil’s stone) threw stone on the ground which caused quakes and genesis of mountains and bottoms. Stone itself almost fully stuck in ground.


Address: Stelmužė, Imbradas parish
GPS: 55.831679, 26.197501


Algimantas Navickas photo.


Summertime outdoor caffe – bistro 'Gilė' (works from July)

Address: Stelmužė, Imbradas parish
GPS: 55.830414, 26.217756
Groups larger than 10 persons are highly invited to pre-order meal.
Duration – approximately 2 hours.


4. Place of Appearance of St. Virgin Mary


Story says that magical apparition on Ilgis lake shore happened on late night of June 30th of 1967. Two young people on lake Ilgis saw bright light. First they thought that car is coming, but the light did not come closer. As themselves came close, they saw young brilliantly beautiful girl in white dress with cape and golden hair standing on the rotten pole. Place of Appearance of St. Virgin Mary is highly visited site. In Ilgis lake statues of St. Virgin Mary are built and every spring on shore the most beautiful flowers blossom. Due to crosses all over and altars with icons makes shore look similar to famous Hill Of Crosses.


Address: Kamšos village, Imbradas parish
GPS: 55.803026, 26.083861

Algimantas Navickas photo.

Gintautas Antanavičius photo.

Gintautas Antanavičius photo.

Duration – approximately 30 minutes

5. Dusetos

Culture center Dusetos art gallery – original center of district‘s culture which not only attracts inquisitives, but spurred to unite artists from all over region as well. Visitors of modern gallery will see the exposition of 3D projections, works of famous painter Šarūnas Sauka.


Address: Vytautas st. 54, Dusetos
GPS: 55.750226, 25.843527
Phone No.:  +370 385 56878
E-mail: dusetu.galerija@zarasai

Alvydas Stauskas photo.


Sartai regional park visitors center

Center’s exposition contains informational terminals, film view equipment, interactive stands. Here sounds of nature are played so visitors would have a directly full feeling of nature. Watching monitors on expositional wall visitors can see a movie about Sartai lake genesis and genesis of regional park - eared grebe. Here visitors will find information about park’s natural and cultural values. Watching films from various decades visitors can get to know about Sartai trotter race, their tradition here roots century back.

Sartai regional park

Address: Vytautas st. 5, Dusetos
GPS: 55.747301, 25.841176
Phone No.: +370 385 56849


Algimantas Navickas photo.


Dusetos sculpture park
Sculpture park been started to create in summer of 2008. Here not only stand works of famous in country artists but grows oak planted by President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus.

Address: K. Būga st., Dusetos, Sartai lake shore
GPS: 55.744755, 25.836966

Alvydas Stauskas photo.

Zigmantas Jonikas photo.


Ramūnas Čižas beer brewery and vintage beer making equipment exposition


Ramūnas Čižas – fourth beer maker in family producing beer whose recapture is known since 1863. There is also available to see vintage beer making equipment exposition, where tools formerly owned by Bronius Čižas are exposed. Visitors are getting familiar with beer making process from barley green to final product. Also visitors can taste finest beer.

Educations are hosted for groups from 15 to 60 persons.

Price of education and product tasting for one person – 7 Euros.


Address: Šeškamiesčio st. 6, Dusetos grange, Dusetos parish
GPS: 55.757901, 25.838014

Phone No.: +370 686 48890, +370 623 68109

Duration – approximately 3,5 hours.

Duration – approximately 3,5 hours.


PO Zarasai region tourism and bussiness information center
Address: Sėlių sq. 22
GPS: 55.732428, 26.246542
Phone No.: +37038537171, +37067910091













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