Antalepte 1.Antalepte church of St. Cross and former complex of monasteries of order of  basųjų karmelitų  2.Path of Shavoshas Baltrishkes 1.Religious community of Baltriškių Tiberiados Deguchaj 1.Tree carver of Gediminas Kairys Bikenai
Trip by catamaran
Creative Zarasai youth not only made a great conveyance – catamarans, but also prepared interesting programs for water excursions. Power of that type vehicle confirms technical requirements in guarded territories, so cruising silently and slowly causes alot of good emotions, therefore this services is already popular in Ignalina area. Those who want to know more about Zarasai city waters and
Zarasai region is very interesting and well known not only from the monuments of nature but also from the unique religious architecture. It is  possible to meet such unique masterpieces, as an ancient wooden church of Jesus, of seventeenth century, made only by an ax and saw, this heart of former farmstead of Stelmuzh.  Trip on the most interesting zarsaisights. You have wonderful poss
One day route in Zarasai district
ZARASAI–ŠLYNINKA–STELMUŽĖ–IMBRADAS–DUSETOS   1. Zarasai   Zarasai regional museum In Zarasai regional museum You will see the old exhibits, witnesses of region‘s history. You will have a chance to take a look at works of emigrant painter Mikas Šileikis who presented collection of his paintings to museum. Besides permanent exhibits, museum al
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